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Vadas Thermal Resort Sturovo
Vadas Thermal Resort Sturovo
Vadas Thermal Resort Sturovo

Vadas Thermal Resort Sturovo
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Főtér Párkány, SzlovákiaWelcome to Štúrovo, a small town of approximately 11500 inhabitants lying on the left bank of the Danube. 
Being the most southern town in the country it attracts lot of tourists with its fascinating natural surroundings. This is where the most spectacular part of the Curve of the Danube begins with a picturesque view to the classic basilica in Esztergom, Hungary. The Hron flows in to the Danube near the town, which also offers a great opportunity for those enjoying adventure trips adventurous walks in the nature. The town is surrounded by the Kováčovské Hills, the highest peak of which, the Burda, reaches 395 meters above sea level.
But most of all Štúrovo is a thermal spa town. The VADAŠ thermal springs are famous in Slovakia as well as abroad. With its new outdoor and indoor swimming pools of various sizes and its new catering and other facilities it can welcome more than 10000 visitors. Those looking for sunshine and water can find perfect relaxation here.
Mária Valéria híd Párkány
Spectacles, offered by our town:
Historical monuments (manor house, rotunda, basilica in Esztergom, etc.) • museums (town museum, Christian museum, etc.) • sport-centers (Thermal bath Vadaš, Aqua park, and bowling centre) • festivals (summer music festival, trade of Simon and Judah with a 400 years old tradition)

What else could we offer to You?
Tourism • cycle-tourism • hiking • fishing • hunting • horse-riding • paintball • golf  • summer bobsleigh-track • boating on the Danube • nearness of  Budapest (45 km)
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Vadas Thermal Resort Sturovo

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Vadas Thermal Resort Sturovo